Glendale AZ Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Glendale AZ Hot Tub Electrical Installation

You’ve invested in a new hot tub, and now you are ready to select a residential electrician for your hot tub electrical installation. It’s an important responsibility that needs to be done accurately.

Hot Tub Electrical Connection in your Glendale AZ home

Your Glendale Electrician has a ton of experience running electricity to hot tubs in Glendale homes. There are codes, standards, and regulations intended to minimize risk and fire which are set by the National Electrical Code (NEC). The NEC establishes the foundation for managing the use of electricity safely. This code provides extensive regulations for electrical wiring, avoiding overloading currents, grounding, and thorough installation of equipment.

At the time of installation, a hot tub electrical connection needs to be made by a residential electrician to comply with the NEC. The electrician will need to view your owner’s manual for the specific electrical requirements of your unit. Improper hot tub electrical installation can void all warranties associated with your investment.

Hot Tub Electrical Installation Requires GFCI Dedicated Circuit

Your Glendale Electrician can run a dedicated circuit for the hot tub in your Glendale AZ home. Hot tubs are created to operate on a GFCI dedicated circuit. A GFCI is intended to shut off power automatically to a hot tub if a leak or problem is sensed. Using a dedicated circuit means it is for one appliance only and not shared with any other electrical items such as outdoor lights. A dedicated circuit is necessary to avoid tripping breakers, overheating, damaging your hot tub or possibly causing an electrical fire.

Improper Hot Tub Electrical Installation in Glendale AZ

If you experience improper hot tub electrical installation, some symptoms you might see will include a breaker tripping continually. Your hot tub might be connected to a non-dedicated circuit which will result in overloading. A tripping circuit will eventually wear out, and this can cause damage to your appliances, devices, and even your home. If you have a breaker that is tripping, a residential electrician can help eliminate this problem so you can protect your home and belongings better.  Hire an experienced professional to help with installation of your Glendale AZ hot tub…. Your Glendale Electrician

Your Glendale Hot Tub Electrical Installation NeedsThe Right Size Circuit

An electrician will make sure you have the correct AMP circuit at the time of the hot tub electrical installation. Hot tubs have varying AMP requirements ranging from a 50-60 AMP circuit to as much as a 100 AMP circuit. Most hot tubs will require a 50-60 AMP circuit. Some hot tubs have multiple heaters, pumps, controls, and more amenities which require more AMPs.

It’s a “Plug-N-Play”

You can purchase a “plug-n-play” hot tub. Often buyers think they won’t need any special hot tub electrical installation efforts. These can be plugged into a standard 15-20 amp circuit and typically have a GFCI built into the plug. Even if you are using a “plug-n-play” hot tub, it is essential to use a dedicated circuit because of the constant electrical demand of this appliance. Not using a dedicated circuit will cause your circuit to trip, void any warranties, damage to your hot tub, and can create an electrical fire.

We have heard it before, you bought a “plug-n-play” and took it home, set it up, plugged it in, and were ready to play. We are all notorious for not reading directions. Somewhere in the fine print, hopefully, it tells you that a dedicated circuit is necessary. It should also tell you if the GFCI is built into the plug or not. Now, you’ve run into a problem where your circuit is tripping because of the energy your hot tub is using continually. We can help you get your hot tub electrical installation done correctly with a dedicated circuit and a GFCI if needed.

It’s Easier To Start Your Hot Tub Electrical Installation With Us

Attempting to learn the ins and outs of the NEC and hot tub electrical installation over the weekend is a lot for anyone. We’ll save you time, money, and get your hot tub electrical installation done correctly and safely. Consult an electrician to discuss your needs for your new hot tub.
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